Day 1 - Cape Reinga - Ahipara

From the local campsite at the Cape is 4kms straight up a steep gravel hill - we headed off towards  around 5am, and that sure woke us up to the realities of riding in the dark rather quickly!

After a slightly cloudy sunrise, there was some great views of Cape Maria Van Diemen and Spirit's Bay, and the first 20kms on the road to Te Paki was stunning as the sun tried to show itself!

After conquering the very interesting sensation of riding through the sand streams at Te Paki sand dunes, we got stuck into a big day riding along the beach towards Ahipara. 

Turned out to be a tough ride as we had (unknowingly) got the tides a bit wrong and ended up on some soft sand, which was definitely a lot of hard work and added a bit of time to the afternoons ride.

After some quick tucker and some guidance from a local fisherman who told us the tide was back on it's way OUT, we set off down the beach for the final push to Ahipara - a big 13hour day on the bikes, arriving at 6:30pm. 

The Ahipara waterfront was lovely for a very quick "Christmas" dinner, and after 110kms for the day, we were ready to drop so popped up our tent and had an early night!


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