Day 9 - Little Waipa Reserve - Mangakino

After a sodden Day 8 through the flats of the #HaurakiPlains yesterday, we tackled the first few sections of the #WaikatoRiverTrails from #littleWaipaReserve, joined by the excellent company of Andy and Paul McCullagh.

The #Arapuni swing bridge is very impressive, super high and built for the dam workers to commute to work, it’s an awesome spot to visit.

After Arapuni is a neat bush section and some tough hills before popping out onto some back roads to link up the ‘top of the switchbacks’, which for us was a steep decent back down to lake level, with Claire having a few bails on the way down.

Lunch at the Beautiful #JimBarnettReserve, a flash new shelter and a section of untouched bush is just stunning and the birdsong is deafening there.

At Waipapa Dam the ‘Trail Fairy’ struck - someone had left us some hot chocolate and coffee to get us through the arvo... Tori Prendergast you are a legend!

Although the last section to #Mangakino has some steep climbs and some technical switchbacks and a slightly bumpy trail in places - it’s the pick of the day as there are also some Great Lake views and the scenery is stunning.

Arrived in Mangakino to stay with the very hospitable Linda, Paul & Andy McCullagh, a brilliant dinner and a place out of the rain to rest our heads.

Officially we are halfway through the trip today... and thanks to our amazing friends and family we are also halfway to our goal of raising $5000 for the #FredHollowsFoundationNZ.


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