Day 10 - Mangakino - Pureora

We set off from Mangakino through the final River Trail section, meeting some lovely ladies on the nearby swing bridge, and then diverted through some gravel and back roads to head towards the edge of Pureora Forest Park, where we joined some forest tracks with a LOT of climbing, and a neat wire bridge which almost beat us and swallowed our bikes up!

The first of the rain set in around midday, and at that stage although persistent wasn’t too heavy. We made it to Pureora itself (the start of the Timber Trail) around 4pm and decided to call it a day to give ourselves time to set up the tent and get ourselves warm and dry.

That was a great decision as it was a wild night for sure, but our wee Torpedo 7 Momentum Tent performed admirably and although we woke up in the middle of a lake we didn’t get wet inside the tent.


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