Day 13 - Raetihi - Whanganui

A great start to Day 13 with a massive downhill from Raetihi to Pipiriki, a gorgeous ride through the start of the Whanganui National Park, huge hills either side and a lot of greenery.

We reached Pipiriki around 9:30am and then took the scenic Whanganui River road, which offers amazing views of the river (which is rather brown at the moment because of all the rain!) and a reasonably rolling contour following the river for around 65kms.

Met some great travellers along the way and enjoyed a cup of tea at the old Matahiwi School, which is now a cafe and gallery. Riding through places like London and Athens, tiny settlements on the banks of the river, said a lot about the history of the area, how they broke in the land and some of the farms still there.

The afternoon included a big hill, aptly named 'Gentle Annie' which challenged us with a 2km uphill climb for a stunning view of the river.

And it was all downhill from there! (Yay), riding into Whanganui with a lovely view of the river. We checked into Tamara Guest House, a beautiful old building with a great view of the river - and they have been incredibly good to us, highly recommended!!

Good news is that Claire has now replaced her phone, so more Snapchats as we continue our trip. The bad news is that she's knocked her knee and we are waiting for the verdict of how that's looking for the remainder of the trip. Hopefully nothing we can't fix.

Another beautiful day in Whanganui for a rest day - fingers crossed we are heading for Hunterville and Palmy tomorrow!


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