Day 14 - Whanganui - Rangiwahia

We had a good relaxing rest day in Whanganui yesterday and a trip to A&E to ensure Claire’s knee was actually in OK shape, plus some fixing of our bikes at the legendary Velo Ronny’s Bike Shop (awesome service and chats there, definitely call in if you’re nearby!).

Big shout out to Tamara Guest House where we spent two nights with an awesome view of the river and fantastic stay. Highly recommended!

We headed off via the famous Whanganui Elevator and look out point, the easiest 100m or so gained on the whole trip! Great view of the city and the river.

Much of the mornings ride to Hunterville was through farmland, we are clearly in the heart of sheep country and everyone seems to be shearing and weaning, some great looking ewes and lambs around too.

It was nice to be on some really good sealed roads and our progress to Hunterville was quite quick, plus a bit of a helping hand from the right wind direction did not go unnoticed!!

After Hunterville we headed out for 5kms on SH1 to turn off towards Vinegar Hill and follow around the top of the Rangiteiki River. Again awesome views being up so high!

In classic NZ back road style, we encountered a couple of instances of ‘rural traffic’ with sheep and dogs making their way along the road. A good opportunity for a rest and chill!

The afternoon was a bit slower on some gravel roads and up a few more hills, but we arrived in Rangiwahia just in time for some dinner and a cup of tea. 

Nice to be sharing a wee camping spot with two other duos of cyclists tonight - sharing the ups and downs of #bikelife!!

Hoping to make it through Palmy tomorrow 😊


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